• My truth is better than anyone else’s fiction. I don’t need to make anything up.


  • The lengths I go for sexual satisfaction…


  • Sex with me isn’t merely “getting lucky.” It is more akin to a peak, existentially validating experience where my voodoo vagina transports you to the Land of Bliss.


  • Just because I have the balls to do what they merely fantasize about, doesn’t give people the right to deem me immoral and prevent me from getting what I want.


  • His pictures made me drool. He was muscle-bound with delicious tanned skin, chestnut hair, and the cutest dimple in the middle of his chiseled, masculine chin. I wanted to press it like a button and see what tricks he would do.


  • Part of my definition of pleasure is getting what I want when I want it.  The only time I believe in delayed gratification is to heighten my orgasm during sex.


  • Keeping my eyes fixed on his, I glided gracefully toward him without any hesitation and grabbed his baby blue tie, just below the knot.  With a provocative swish of my hips, I pulled him to attention while I straddled his lap.  It was time he knew who wore the pants in this relationship.


  • His adoration for me quickly grew, and I could not fault him on his excellent taste.


  • If getting what you want could make someone unhappy, then I would have died from depression a long time ago.


  • Alpha males could be fun occasionally, but they were often too high maintenance for my taste and can be prone to violence, statistically. I am a princess and expected to be treated as one.


  • It was all about the slow build-up, the intimate tease, followed by intense release.


  • It was hotter than a hooker’s doorknob on payday, and I was going to make him sweat.


  • Overcome with the sexual munchies, we tangled our bodies into one orgasm-soaked pretzel, savoring each other’s flavor under the pulsing hot water. Life doesn’t get any better.


  • The Art of Manipulation 101: for a woman, you aim for the heart, and for a man, you aim for the groin.


  • If you can get a girl to squirt, you have hit the jackpot. The downside,                                                               if you want to call it that, is that she’ll want it all the time—and the                                                                more she gets, the more she has to have.


  • There was nothing I despised more about the neurotypical view of                                                   relationships than the idea of compromise.  If no one wins, doesn’t                                              that mean there are two losers instead?


  • Preparation for a hot BDSM session was not always easy.


  • Power is a zero-sum game. You either lose it or you gain it.


  • I’m sure I will go down in lore as a pioneer of sociopathic civil rights.

Nashville Author Dishes up a

Hot New Release About

Sociopathic Sex

Southern Style

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Nashville, TN – NashvilleKitty is a sociopath. Don’t worry. She doesn’t want to hurt you.  She just wants to screw you, literally. Author and medical doctor Nicole Kelly, M.D. writes with honesty and wit through the voice of a married, promiscuous 28-year-old Southern society girl in Kelly’s debut novel 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style. Writing under a nom de plume and inspired by her own personal experience with a sociopath who turned her life upside down by stealing her money and betraying her trust, this book will keep you up reading to see what happens next.

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The novel opens with a 911 call about a horrific murder with sexual overtones followed by a stunning confession: “I am a sociopath and I love sex.”  NashvilleKitty, tired of cheating “the old-fashioned way,” discovers an online cheaters’ site called Aubrey Madeline, where men and women conspire to have meetups for sexual trysts. Besieged by hundreds of offers to chat, meet and, eventually, have sex, NashvilleKitty takes the reader along for her titillating, often hilarious, and sometimes dangerous ride. The sociopathic adulterer describes her screening process for potential lovers as well as informs us as to what makes sociopaths different from most “neurotypicals.” With over 300 incredibly funny sketches, this is an “eyes wide open” experience. Nothing is left out, which only fuels the imagination. By novel’s end, you will feel you know NashvilleKitty, as well as all of her lovers, men and women, inside and out.


“What you should know up front is that sociopaths are an entirely different breed of human. PET scans reveal our brains work differently—better, I would venture to say—as we do not suffer from many of the typical emotions that plague the rest of humanity, such as empathy, guilt, or remorse.”  NashvilleKitty is keenly aware of her sociopathic powers and uses them to get   anything—and anyone—she wants. The more men (and occasional women) she possesses, the more she craves, until she finds a soul as pure as they come among adulterers. As danger and violence threaten to turn her sweet cheater’s dream into a nightmare, this special someone shows her a way out. Can this sociopath change? Will this anti-hero get what is coming to her? Read this novel brimming with classy writing about topics few of us even discuss in private to find out.


“I studied sociopaths and psychopaths (officially called Anti-Social Personality Disorder) in medical school,” says Kelly of the psychology in the book. “But I didn’t truly understand it until someone I regarded as a trusted friend turned out to be a sociopathic sex addict. If I can be fooled, anyone can. Sociopaths prey on our emotions to manipulate us for their own gain, yet most of us are unaware of their existence.” Nicole Kelly, M.D. has put two years of research into writing a book that teaches as well as entertains. With as many as 1 in 25 people classified as being on the sociopathic spectrum, this is a book well worth reading, not only for entertainment but for recognizing the sociopaths in our world.


69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style (ISBN 978-0-9991861-6-9, 2017  JACC, LLC, 404 pages, softcover, $16.69 available on Amazon now, Audio book available now on Amazon and Audible, and $6.69 on Kindle soon.

“Just when we are sure we’ve seen it all, along comes an

author with courage who places into words those thoughts

that at one time were off limits. The result? One of the more

sensual, contemporary, insightful, hilarious and erotic books

that tells it all – and has a ready audience (if closeted a bit)

to take advantage of a new era.”

Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer


“This is a novel that you simply can’t stop reading till the,

ahem, climatic end. The author is successful in writing in a

manner in which the prose never feels contrived or prurient,

but instead represents a nakedly honest look inside the mind and soul of a self-confessed adulterer. But unlike other sex/suspense novels, Nicole Kelly’s book is a ray of sunshine into a genre clouded with a glut of embarrassingly poorly written prose. “69 Shades of Nashville” is a bold and audacious debut by a writer who seems to have no lack of insight or talent.”

John J. Kelly, Cincinnati City Beat

About Nicole Kelly, M.D.

Nicole Kelly, M.D. is the nom de plume of an established Nashville physician who had firsthand experience dealing with the manipulations of a sociopath who stole a vast sum of money from her medical practice. NashvilleKitty, the anti-hero narrator of 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style was inspired by a true sociopathic sex addict who knows no bounds in causing havoc in neurotypicals' lives. The names, details, locations, and all identifying information have been changed resulting in a fictional work--but this fiction was inspired by reality. Nicole Kelly, M.D. began this writing adventure as a form of therapy when legal proceedings costs exceeded expected returns as the real NashvilleKitty had already spent the hundreds of thousands of dollars she stole. Therapy turned into a mission to educate the public about the sociopath--but to do so in an entertaining format so people can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. Drawings were added to appeal to the large portion of the population who are more visual and to give the neurotypical insight of sociopathy that the unreliable narrator, NashvilleKitty, is unable to give. This novel is like no other out there: well-written, suspenseful, erotic with humorous drawings (more R-rated than X) with a surprise ending. It is entertaining, exciting--in more ways than one--while educating the world about a type of person unlike the rest of us. The reader goes inside the mind of a sociopath. This is truly how she thinks. People like this are running our country, companies, and churches. In order to protect ourselves, first we must learn to recognize them.


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