Media Questions for

Nicole Kelly, M.D. author of

69 Shades of Nashville:

Sociopathic Sex Southern Style


  1. What inspired you to write 69 Shades of Nashville?

  2. What is a sociopath?

  3. Do most of us know a sociopath?

  4. How can we recognize a sociopath?

  5. Is sociopathy curable? Are people born with it?

  6. What is a sociopathic sex addict or a Sexopath?

  7. There are 300 wonderful graphics in your book. Did you draw them? Why did you decide to use        graphics in your novel and how do they give the   reader a perspective different than the narrative?

  8. This book has a lot of themes in it. Why did you add a religious element to your novel?

  9. Is the book being set in Nashville important?

  10. Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say? How has the feedback been so far?

  11. Up next, you are writing a non-fiction book on Sexopathy: The Sociopathic Sex Addict. Can you tell us about that?

  12. Will we see any more novels with NashvilleKitty in them?