Have you ever wondered why a woman would violate the sisterhood code by stealing men and destroying families without a trace of guilt or remorse? What is going on in her head to make her act that way? She may be a sociopathic sex addict—a Sexopath. Unfortunately, Sexopaths are very difficult to detect because they look like everyone else and lying comes as easily as breathing to them. The only way to protect ourselves, our relationships, and our families is to recognize these people for who they are. If we can understand how they think, we can beat them at their own game. Enter the mind of the ultimate anti-hero inspired by an actual socipathic sex addict—you are going to love to hate her!

is a sociopath.  Don't worry.  She doesn't want to hurt you.  She just wants to screw you, literally. After years doing it the old-fashioned way, NashvilleKitty joins a cheaters' dating website sending her on the scintillating, full-throttle, erotic thrill-ride of her dreams. The serial tryst artist is keenly aware of her sociopathic powers, leveraging them to get anything-and anyone-she wants. The more men (and occasional women) she possesses, the more she craves, until she finds a soul as pure as they come among adulterers.  As danger and violence threaten to turn her sweet cheater's dream into a nightmare, this special someone shows her a way out.  But can this sociopath change? See for yourself in this sexy psychological thriller written as a fictional memoir with over 300 humorous drawings to paint the picture of a sociopath's provocative world of sex, murder, mystery, suspense, and manipulation. It is an adventure you will not soon forget.


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